In the beginning there was…a blank page.

Well, a business – HelpGov Ltd – and a blank page.

And a wish to find somewhere to write business-related stuff that was more speculative and discursive than makes sense on the HelpGov web site.

A wish to stimulate my own and other people’s thinking about improving the performance of the public sector and its partners.  It was always needed but Lord alone only knows, it’s desperately needed in these hard times (UK election and promises of a better tomorrow notwithstanding).

I want to actively seek ideas for improvement that could be implemented.  And, let’s be upfront about it, underlying much of what I believe could help are the principles of continuous improvement – call it lean thinking, kaizen, systems thinking or whatever.

At the moment my feelings are that the site should cover five topics:

  • what’s wrong
  • what could be improved
  • how it could be improved
  • innovation
  • other off the wall and (I hope) fun stuff.

My audience?  Well, I suppose my aspirations are anyone who’s interested in improvement in the public sector in the UK, anyone who’s interested in improvement anywhere and, well, anyone!

I’m doing this because I believe more creativity and sharing is needed to cope with the crisis of resources that faces the public sector in the UK.

It may all be a bit ragged at first but I’m just following the WordPress advice (they should know) – just start and learn the technicalities later.  So here goes…