My thanks to the civil servant who brought this letter about his annual leave to my attention…

I am pleased to be able to advise you that you will be paid for 19 hours 44 minutes in your May salary for additional annual leave credit.

For those with deficit hours at the end of April, this figure represents the 20 hours 17 minutes payable less those deficit hours credited to the system, which will show on your May end of month report as an MU input for 0 hours 33 minutes.

Payment for annual leave is related to the guaranteed hour’s [sic] element of pay and is evened out over the year regardless of when leave is taken.  Once you have worked all the guaranteed hours for the year, an additional credit for annual leave is made once the guaranteed hours worked for the year is known.

I’d love to be able to convert this gobbledygook into plain language as an adroit demonstration of one of the services HelpGov Ltd offers.

Unfortunately the lucky recipient hasn’t got a clue what it means.