A few weeks into this blog and I’ve been amazed at the proportion of traffic it’s driving to the HelpGov Ltd web site – so thanks for clicking through folks.

 The virtuous circle of communication has driven me to issue my first Helpgov Newsletter. It’s virtual (fancy way of saying no paper copies) so as well as readable on screen it also avoids recycling.  You can find it here.

It’s a bit more formal than this blog and does six things. It: 

  • introduces HelpGov to anyone who hasn’t come across us yet
  • says how we can help our public sector clients
  • describes our approach to work
  • gives a flavour of what we’re up to
  • tells readers about this blog (as if you needed that…)
  • and gives them a tip about online business networking.

Read, enjoy and do let me know what you think.