I had cause to phone a certain airline today that has some current industrial relations issues.

The flight I’d booked was cancelled.  The web site advice varied according to where you were on it but there was only one option and all routes led to two 0800 numbers with the same loop…cue soothing guitar music, the usual guff about press 3 for this, 1 for that, no option ever answered, more soothing guitar music then “Sorry for the heavy volumes of calls we’re experiencing…you may wish to try later”.  Wish?  There was no choice unless you wanted to hear the whole darned rigmarole again.

My travel needs being somewhat urgent I called more than 50 times over 4+ hours.  Every time the same – same soothing guitar music, same ultimate dead end of the recorded message.

After a break for a quick lunch the web site had sprouted an option to try and re-book online and hey presto, it worked.  Well done B****** A******* for that at least.

After my two earlier lies of contact centres, my first two rules for them

Abhor “press x for this, press y for that”

At least answer the phone!