…well I hope they do because it’s a fantastic institution and they’re fighting the biggest budget cut in their history – $37 million.

Map courtesy of Pontus Edenberg on stock.xchng

I was there two weeks ago and saw a wonderful exhibition in their main building about Mapping New York’s Shoreline, 1609-2009 – a whole social history of the City brought alive by maps and other graphic material.

I suppose the “realistic” part of me says that notwithstanding what looks like a very effective campaign (see their web site) they’re going to take a hit of some sort in these hard times.  But they do so much good work you can only hope it’s as small a cut as possible – over 120,000 New Yorkers have written to their council member to support their library system.

Anyone with a view can contact their representative (or the mayor/speaker if you’re not a New Yorker) here – but do it quickly.  The decision’s being made this week.