The British government wants ideas on how to “cut public spending in a way that is fair and responsible”.  They’ve even set up a web site called Spending Challenges for people to suggest how this can be done.

Search for “Lean” on the site and as of today you’ll find 9 suggestions.

Which is the best?

Can I humbly suggest the one entitled Implement lean/systems thinking across government

It’s based on my blog post yesterday How to improve government (and keep improving it) [why didn’t I find this government web site before I published my post? – mutter.mutter…].

It’s certainly the lean suggestion on the site that is the most comprehensive and most closely matches what lean/systems thinking is all about.

More importantly on Spending Challenges you can:

  • comment on existing suggestions
  • rank suggestions with 0 – 5 stars (OK not quite in keeping with systems thinking but we live in the real world)
  • make your own suggestions. 

I’d love it if readers felt able to dive in, give my suggestion 5 stars and tell the world it can’t be bettered.  But in any event, get in there and one way or the other add to the volume of material that gets lean/systems thinking up there as the top idea government need to think about. 

Interestingly, some of the suggestions – from existing government employees – are anti-lean and offer a great insight into how lean should not be implemented as well as supporting my contention that a short sharp review of the use of lean/systems thinking in public service should be carried out.