On 9 July I mentioned the UK government Spending Challenges web site and my own proposal there for lean/systems thinking.

While my plea was not exactly “Vote early, vote often” as supposedly popular in Northern Ireland elections of many moons ago, I did urge you to get on over there and vote (once) and comment.  Thanks to the anonymous reader who’s given my idea 4 stars out of 5 (yo!).

So I thought I’d check today to see how things are going.  Here’s the answer:

  • the web site was down for much of the day because the level of traffic was too high – it’s now coming back live after maintenance to improve page load times
  • the good news is that a search now shows 19 suggestions with the word lean in them, up from 9 yesterday – so when someone does the sums at the end of this exercise they may say, “Oh, maybe there’s something in this”
  • the less good news is that some pages are only giving the title of the suggestion  and then saying We’re sorry, but that page doesn’t exist when it clearly does
  • some overlay two sets of text, the suggestion – presumably – underneath, and on top screeds of meaningless code, making both illegible
  • some correctly state the idea followed by the suggester’s comments on  how it could be implemented, then followed by the screeds of meaningless code.

Well, it all mirrors comments I made a while ago under the title Government web sites can be bad for your health about the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) and dreaded DirectGov sites.

Let’s hope it’s all a sign of success and a result of unexpectedly high levels of traffic because if and when the site settles down it’s worth returning to some of the adverse comments made by government employees about lean/systems thinking – they give classic examples of how not to do it.

I’ll report if I can get access…

PS – tucked away at the bottom of some pages is the legend Dialogue App by Delib Ltd.  Let’s hope you’re working on this one guys.