“In transition” is one of the rich lexicon of euphemisms used when hitherto unexceptional employees are made an offer they can’t refuse. It used to be called gardening leave.

The UK government’s Spending Challenge web site seems to be in transition following its earlier problems. But to what?

It no longer sports anything as technically complex as a home page, ownership seems to have half-shifted from the Treasury to the Cabinet Office, none of the suggestions to save money are visible let alone available to score and comment on and, saddest of all

As you may have noticed [I hadn’t], the site has been the subject to a small number of malicious attacks so we have unfortunately had to pause on the interactive features for now, but we’re still keen to hear any further ideas you have, which we may publish at a later date

Well, the government can’t be responsible for the sad souls who find fun in that sort of stuff but it makes it impossible to see how the suggestions are going (I don’t like “which we may publish at a later date”).

With a bit of luck their tecchies (consultants to a man and a woman I’ll wager) are working on the problems even now.

Let’s hope the site’s in transition to restoration of its interactive features.