Some names are irresistible.

I promised some off the wall stuff when I started this blog and with summer coming on I feel the urge again.

Once upon a time there were haulage companies.  Then there was Eddie Stobart.  Then we took the kids for a camping holiday in France and there was Norbert Dentressangle…

…for every Eddie we clocked on the journey to the tunnel there were 2, 3 even more Norberts on the autoroutes with their unmistakable red livery and ND logo.

It was the name that alerted us.  What a cracker.

Norbert.  NorBERT not Norrbearr.  Dentressangle.  DEN-TRESS-ANGLE not Dongtrayssongl.

It was important to anglicise the beasts to maintain some sort of illusory control over them.

We got the kids to count them. For a while the competition took the pressure off more labour-intensive forms of distraction.

A moment of nirvana was reached when we passed a Norbert depot somewhere south of Dieppe and there was a rush to tot up the serried ranks of red Renault trucks inside.

Alas, time has devalued the exotic sport.

Several years later I spotted my first Norbert on a British motorway and now they’re ten-a-penny all over the UK.  They’ve even spawned Stobart-like devotion amongst fans like the Wrinkled Weasel from Edinburgh (a Google search throws up another 87,799 hits).

Norbert’s company even has a web site with an English language option.

Love his mission statement

Bringing people closer to their dreams

Not many public agencies can beat that (not sure what it’s got to do with delivering groceries though).

PS – Norbert spotting was eventually replaced with caravan name spotting and if Norbert’s worth a para. or two, caravan names are worth a PhD thesis – in psychology.