Our Eaga ShowerSmart saga (see previous posts here and here) continues. 

E-mail today from a company called Iguana Direct, clearly looking to associate themselves with the cuddly pet rather than purveying the exotic reptile.

Their e-mail reads

Thank you for your recent application for an Eaga ShowerSmart.

Unfortunately, we are unable to send one out to you as our records tell us that we have already sent an Eaga ShowerSmart to your address. We can only send out one free Eaga ShowerSmart to each household in Great Britain.

However, we would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase another unit for a special promotional price of just £9.99 (usually £15) with free delivery

Iguana are wrong on two counts:

  • we have not recently (or God help us ever) applied for one of these useless – for us – devices
  • they (or someone) have not sent us one but two, six months apart.

So, no thanks, no gizmo needed here.

It’s good to see the private sector being so inefficient when most of the media assume it’s the public sector that is the sole perpetrator of all evils to do with waste.