Well, people need to get their priorities right.  I post a world-beating quiz on the blog and don’t get one correct answer (partner apart, who has the inside track to the devious recesses of my mind).

Worse, I don’t even get any wrong answers.  Zilch, nix, nada.

On the other hand, a few random thoughts on the trivial question of 500,000 job losses in British councils elicit 28 (and counting) heartfelt, thoughtful and wide-ranging responses.

Incidentally as everyone realises, the offending news of the 500k jobs came almost completely without reasoned justification by the perpetrating party, who promised on their web site that The research into public sector productivity will be available as a down load from this site when the report is released at the end of August.  As of 3 September it isn’t and I will definitely be returning to that subject shortly.

So back to the quiz.

The answer is: NAMES OF CARAVANS.

Yes, those large white boxes on wheels towed behind cars that divide the country into their proponents who experience all the freedom to roam-with-a-home that they offer and the rest, who think they clutter up the roads of the nation big time.

Are my prejudices showing?

What is a caravan?

It’s either a box made mainly from nails, staples, thin sheets of aluminium, bonded polystyrene and 3mm plywood (an enthusiastic caravan restorer) or a Monarch, Caravel, Conqueror, Challenger or any of the other improbable names dreamed up by marketing people (I quite like Campy, though).

For a fascinating insight into how these beasts of the road are built, you can’t do worse than pay close attention to the caravanchannel’s (yes, there is one) documentary of their visit to the Swift caravan factory:

That’s probably enough sadness for one day.  I can already sense the friendship of a number of ex-colleagues devoted to their “van” slipping inexorably from my grasp.

Oh yes, those 500,000 jobs.  Must get thinking about them…