[See Council leaders and chief executives – too expensive by half?]

A news report you won’t see.

Following the UK government’s radical implementation of localism and the Local Government Association’s takeover of oversight for the governance of Westminster the LGA today announced that the role of permanent secretary in the UK civil service was being abolished in favour of a new style executive minister.

LGA Chair Councillor Margaret Eaton saidHaving both permanent secretaries and elected ministers often, in practice, responsible for the same thing is both expensive and unnecessary”.

Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles MP was today unavailable for comment.  A spokesman for his department said “Mr Pickles is chairing a meeting of the management team today.”

When pressed by our reporter, the spokesman revealed that the management team agenda included a review of the department’s staff appraisal scheme, progress on its absence management policy and Mr Pickles’ back-to-the-floor programme when he will be spending a day shadowing a planning inspector.

[Practical point:  If you think something’s not right, it’s useful to reverse the situation and see if it still makes sense…]