“That’s a bit pompous isn’t it – Redemption?  It’s only about improving work”

Well, by improvement I mean what I’ve meant in numerous posts on this blog – structured improvement of the sort variously known as systems thinking, lean thinking or kaizen (the aficionados will argue about the differences between the three and which is the true Holy Grail, but I’m not playing that game).

My trusty online Oxford dictionary defines redemption as

the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil

Perhaps being saved from sin pitches it a bit high.

But what I want to do in a short series of stories is tell how a range of very different people in public services had their work lives transformed by their involvement in structured activity that put them at the centre of improvement.

Not interventions by experts parachuted in to improve a process.  But genuine empowerment with support by managers (it doesn’t happen often enough).

At the moment I’m planning half a dozen examples.

Each will be written as a story.  Names, dates, locations and any other personal details will be changed because these are not the sort of cases where I can go back and ask everyone concerned if they are willing to be identified in public.

But the core of each story is true.

The first tale of redemption – the registrar’s tale – appears tomorrow and then, subject to other commitments, they’ll be posted at the rate of one a week with my reflections to follow in a final post.  Enjoy!

Oh, and comments welcome at any time.