Well, there’s two lessons learnt for this neophyte – look it up – blogger about blogging and holidays (Menorca if you must know – very pleasant).

LESSON 1.  You can write posts and set up them up to go live on a particular day.  I did this.  That’s why Tales of redemption through improvement at work – No. 6: the facilitator’s tale and Blog Action Day 2010 – water, water everywhere… are on this blog dated 14 and 15 October respectively.

Unfortunately, idiot blogging child here didn’t quite work the technology properly (either that or, heaven forefend, the otherwise-estimable WordPress.com’s instructions aren’t quite right) and it was only when he got home and pressed the right buttons that they popped up live, with the right dates but on the wrong day if you see what I mean.

My apologies to the folks at Blog Action Day for messing up the statistics for their great initiative

LESSON 2 (reinforced by LESSON 1).  If you don’t blog on a regular basis your readership falls away – from my previously magnificent daily readership to something considerably less than magnificent.  So come back folks.  Normal service is henceforth resumed.

(I understand a few small issues may have been current in my absence – neither featured on Spanish TV for some strange reason – including the transfer of large sums of money to one W Rooney and the transfer of much larger sums of money from one P Sector.  The one may engage my attention shortly.  The other certainly won’t, except in moments of private bile)