For various reasons, I’ve been looking a bit harder at short message site Twitter recently.  Still not tweeting as much as I should but at least looking more.

I’d been trying to see whether a particular council has a presence on Twitter. They do but it wasn’t easy to find (their fault, not Twitter’s).

So I thought I’d just check to see what use UK councils generally make of Twitter.  One thing led to another and I’ve ended up writing  a short report on the subject.

What I found was illuminating, at least for me.

  • One local government officer holder has over 100,000 Twitter followers
  • Of the largest councils in the UK one doesn’t seem to have discovered Twitter at all
  • I found some great examples of effective Tweets, and some that definitely aren’t
  • Some councils need to change their culture if they’re going to use Twitter effectively.

You can access the report through my web site, where you can also find a summary of my conclusions and recommendations for councils.

PS – Twitter are generous with the use of their name and logo but it seems fair to point out that nothing I write about them here or in my report implies any endorsement by them of HelpGov Ltd or any link between us except that I am an enthusiastic user of their service

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