I wasn’t sure what to make of a blog called Public Path.

Was it promoting the cause of public access to the countryside and the right to roam?  The removal of dog excrement from pavements/sidewalks?  Or was its author a distant relation of the Peruvian Maoist movement Sendero Luminoso – Shining Path?

The post I had stumbled across was initially no more enlightening as it was filed under Tech geekery, a label normally guaranteed to make me switch off straight away.

But then I noticed the author was the estimable ingridk and her post was called Local gov blogging – ideas for you.

She was picking up on a theme she’s promoted in other places – the desirability (no, need) for more people in and around UK local government to use social media more to communicate, and to do it entertainingly.  To which I’d add people in and around the UK public sector generally.

But being American she’s brimful of positivity.  So she didn’t just harangue the Brit wallflowers who won’t step forward to speak and if they do are too often, well, boring (that’s me saying that, not Ingrid).

No, she suggested 35 topics people like me could blog on in 2011.  And there’s some great ideas there, freely offered.

Readers of this blog will know I’m not a great fan of targets at work (start again…I despise targets at work and their baleful influence).

But blogging isn’t just work, it’s fun, so game for a challenge I make this commitment to Ms Koehler.

Each month in 2011 I will blog on one of the topics she has proposed.

So you (and I) don’t get confused each post will be preceded by the message

This post is in response to a suggestion [link to this post] made by Ingrid Koehler of Local Government Improvement and Development

Oh, and no, I don’t know which of her 35 topics I’ll be using yet.

Watch out for the first post in the series later this month.

Thanks Ingrid.