Hi there, pop pickers.

DJ GovMan is proud to bring you the top ten all time searches that found the HelpGov blog.  Certified by the online auditors at WordPress.com and including all those cover versions where folks have keyed in similar titles, these are the hits on Google and other search engines that brought seekers after truth through to this great site.

In traditional top ten style we blast off at No. 10, holding the suspense for that coveted top No. 1 spot until the end of the show series of posts.

Bubbling under at No. 10 we have two joint equal entries – Happy Birthday and Innovation.

Happy Birthday?  What is this, some social networking site?

No, the prosaic truth is that there’s lots of people out there just searching for a happy birthday.  Some of them found the one occasion HelpGov’s helpful blog mentioned the phrase – in our post Happy birthday Mark Twain, Winston Churchill and anon., an eclectic look at a single day’s Tweets we received (oh, and  feast your eyes on our virtual – and very cheap – birthday cake).

Joint No. 10 Innovation is a more logical HelpGov Top 10 hit.

Way back at the beginning of this blog we said innovation was one of the five issues we’d be discussing.

Search for the word on the blog home page (just there at the top right under the logo) and you’ll find eight posts that mention it, some of which appear in this Top 10.

Others include our post about an unconference (that’s right), the good old Piggly Wiggly Corporation (we kid you not), and a brief note about the FixMyStreet web site and its putative antipodean spin-off It’s Buggered Mate (also true).

There’s a heck of a way to go with Innovation to make it No. 1 – in the public service and this blog – but never let it be said it isn’t fun.

Tomorrow, a stonking  No. 9 in our Top 10.