Well, OK, that’s not quite the 8th most popular search that brought people to this blog.  It was actually british prime minister’s salary or variants thereof

Back in October 2010 I’d asked Who earns more than the Prime Minister then? in response to an item on the BBC radio programme More or less looking at that very question through the lens of the PMI, an index they’d devised for the purpose.

There’s a perennial fascination with what people earn, especially when it seems to be a lot (vide numerous bankers’ bonus rows) and I guess that’s what drove people to have a look at my post on the subject.

It’s inevitable that some of these Top 10 searches I’m listing will look a bit ephemeral now as they’re often picking up on what were topical issues at the time.  But not this one.

Only two days ago  on 16 February, UK – or for this purpose English – secretary of state for communities and local government Eric Pickles was having another go at what councils pay their chief executives, or as he put it on the BBC

it’s a kind of a busted system…these kind of levels of salary should be open to the full council to decide

So there you go – it’s a kind of a busted system, although a kind of a busted system in which chief executives are increasingly leading their councils through major change with lower salaries and fewer senior managers and for some of them doing it for more than one council…kind of.

Whenever I hear this sort of stuff, something about localism niggles away at the back of my mind.  I can’t quite pin it down.

Tomorrow?  Something much more edifying.

Department of random comparisons – back in June 2010 162 civil servants earned more than £150,000 and 14% of them had knighthoods