This one’ll be short and sweet.

The 5th most popular search that led people to this blog was helpgov.

I’ve no way of knowing whether they

  • were looking for Helpgov Ltd (“…helping the public sector and its partners improve performance”)
  • looking for the government to help them
  • wanted to help the government, or
  • just keyed in a random combination of letters.

Be that as it may, enough clicked through for a look at the blog to make this wonderful search term the No. 5 spot in our Top 10.

Sensible people.

Perhaps some of them even clicked through to our web site where they could find all the formal stuff about what we do and how we can help, as well as all the good things people say about us – and some freebies.

In the movies I think they call this product placement.

Tomorrow our Top 10 hots up with the No. 4 entry – the controversy that got more discussion going than anything else so far on the blog.