That’s as in I don’t believe it, not as in a song title.

This is a search term that in its various forms was not only No. 1 but actually generated over a third of all visits to the HelpGov blog from web searches.  It produced over five times the number of searches as the next most popular term, wheelie bin (that’s what statisticians call a skewed distribution – very).

It’s something so widely known and ubiquitous that I can’t understand why people would bother to search for it.

Rather as if they sat at their computers thinking deeply and said “Now what are those things called?  Cars?  I think I’ll see what the web says about them”.  Not “Škoda 110R Coupé”.  Not “Maserati Ghibli 2.8”.  But just “Car”.  There wouldn’t be much point, would there?

They’re something I’ve mentioned only a couple of times in passing in nearly 120 posts, most directly in a post about innovation which had what I now recognise to be the pretentious title The power of the web, the power of random (forgive me, it was only my fifth post ever).  It was a passing reference to innovation and read

innovators are often members of the “awkward squad” (various versions of the invention of product X are often cited).

And product X is

  • the post-it note.

The post-it note?

Who the heck needs to search for that, and why?

I can’t believe that what searchers found on this blog satisfied any burning need for enlightenment they had about what everyone in my neck of the woods calls a yellow sticky.  And you hardly need to go on to the web to source a supply of them.

But it did get me thinking.

Yes, the good old yellow sticky does have many uses.

There’s the usual run of the mill bookmark, password-reminder (usually stuck to the PC screen for all to see) and “Phone Dave on x4154” left on the desk.

But there are also many more.

So many in fact that with your help I think we should record for posterity some of the more creative, unexpected, even bizarre uses of the wee beasts.

Readers old enough to remember Simon Bond’s brilliant 101 Uses of a Dead Cat (now republished) may have worked out where this is heading.  Who can forget his cat pencil sharpener? (Ouch)

So to celebrate the success of the post-it note in heading the all-time poll of web searches bringing readers to the HelpGov helpful blog have a look at the new 101 uses… page, which now  joins The jargon bin as a diversion from the more serious matters that afflict the public service.

Contributions are actively sought.