Eleven minutes to spare?  Check out this cartoon version of a talk about motivation given by Dan Pink to the RSA (Royal Society of Arts) in London.  It’s one of a great series of similar videos RSAanimates produces.

My 30 second version?

Pay people enough money to take the issue of money off the table.  Then, three factors lead to better performance (and personal satisfaction)

  • autonomy – our desire to be self-directed
  • mastery – our urge to get better at doing things
  • purpose – the way for organisations to get better talent.

How many of the micro-managed performance management systems strangling the public sector understand that?  How many annual appraisals use it as a starting point for discussion about how people are doing?

He doesn’t know it but Deming fan Gordon Hall alerted me to this through one of his e-mails to the various networks he encourages and sustains.