Bang on cue after the loaded and simple truths of think tank Policy Exchange’s report on public sector pay

public sector pay is higher and continued to grow faster than private sector pay during 2010

comes more objective and up to date evidence for what I’ve always claimed

the cycles [of pay in the two sectors] don’t move in the same direction at the same time

Not for the first time the evidence comes from the authoritative work of IDS (formerly Income Data Services) who earn their living charting trends in remuneration throughout the economy.  So they have to get it right and are not beholden to any partisan view of matters economic or political.

Their latest analysis of pay settlements across the UK economy states

A clear gap has emerged between the level of pay awards in the public and private sectors…The median pay award for the private sector in the three months to the end of April is 3 per cent, while in the public sector it is zero

This is in stark contrast to the Policy Exchange’s claims.  Let’s hope that if either of these organisation’s work has an influence on public policy it’s the more objective analysis of IDS.