When I started this blog I promised the occasional random post not related to its main purpose.

A family visit to the latest and last Harry Potter movie yesterday provided the latest opportunity for randomness.

Viewing the film led to a discussion with D1-D3 about the eponymous wizard.

I admire the imagination of J K Rowling that created and sustained the stories that have moved millions of people, young and old, to desert the games console for a good old-fashioned paper book.

But I have never felt much attraction to the novels themselves and apart from the spectacular effects of the films they have done little to convert me.

By way of mitigating the collective family derision that greeted my indifference I mentioned J K Rowling’s commencement speech to Harvard graduates in 2008 I had come across a while ago.  This revealed a deeper and compassionate Rowling my passing acquaintance with the books had not prepared me for.

I’ve just e-mailed the link to my family and here’s the speech itself.

There’s not a lot you can relate directly and immediately to the day to day workings of the public service but that’s not the point, although there are some higher order reminders of the value of democracy and the responsibility of power.  And her big themes – failure and imagination – are ones we can all learn from.

Well worth a listen.  And a think.

Footnote: for those new to the HelpGov blog D1-D3 are my three daughters, all adult now but all still fans of H Potter