We’ve all seen it, but they keep doing it (things PowerPoint presenters shouldn’t say but do)…

  1. Where do you put the memory stick in?
  2. I can see it on the laptop, how do I get the projector on?
  3. First, a few slides about me and my company
  4. Erm, how do I get the next slide?
  5. Ah, it seems to be an earlier version of PowerPoint, the animation obviously didn’t work
  6. You won’t be able to read the detail on this one
  7. I just love the whooshing sound you get when the bullets fly in.  I’ll do it again
  8. Oops, I’ve gone on to the next one by mistake.  How do you get it to go back?  Never mind, let’s move on
  9. I’ll rush through the next fifteen as I’m running out of time
  10. If there was just too much to take in at once they’re all in the handout

Inspired by Tim Harford’s Financial Times column In defence of PowerPointOther presentation packages are available.