Ten things that PowerPoint presenters don’t do but should.  The flip side of Ten things PowerPoint presenters shouldn’t say – but do, the most read post so far on the HelpGov blog and just as important.

  1. Consider whether they need PowerPoint at all to communicate their message effectively
  2. Keep the whole thing short and simple – the number of slides, the amount of text, going easy on the gazillion gizmos in PowerPoint
  3. Be economical with the number of slides they use – no more than one slide per two minutes of talk.  Absolute max
  4. Remember bullets can kill
  5. Master the technology before they open their mouth
  6. Master the environment before they open their mouth
  7. Remember their words and how they say them are always more important than their slides
  8. Use their slides to supplement what they say, not as text to read out
  9. Talk to people not the screen – make eye contact
  10. Rehearse

This doesn’t pretend to be all you need to know about using PowerPoint.  For that, Google “How to use PowerPoint” and graze the 147,000,000 references it throws up