“We are at a very interesting point in terms of the products we can make…Anything we can imagine we can build, we are no longer really limited by the technology” – Justin Rattner,  chief technology officer Intel BBC web site

Intel’s new computer today…

  • …halted the traffic and jollied the year 1s and their mums along as they crossed the road to school for the first time
  • …paused sympathetically to allow the parents to gather their thoughts as they registered the death of their child
  • …spoke to the troubled teenager after the lesson to find out what was really bothering her
  • …spotted that the disabled driver was having problems getting out of the space and helped him manoeuvre his car
  • …stroked the hand of an elderly dying woman in a council care home and assured her that her absent daughter loved her.

Public servants do a million small acts of human kindness every day.