Remaining  readers of this blog– remaining because numbers fall away without a regular flow of posts (surprise) – will have noticed the last entry was on 16 October, an aeon ago in blogging terms.

The truth is this old (for which read mature, experienced etc.) guy has been undergoing something of a change in his life.

‘HelpGov’ remains as a name meantime but the company is being dissolved.  I decided it was time to try something new and my energies have been devoted this last couple of months to the excellent Open University creative writing course I signed up for over the summer, helping to fulfil a long standing ambition to return to a type of writing that engaged me many years ago.

One result is that I have reviewed this site and decided to transform it into a more open, free-flowing blog on anything that interests me about the public sector in its widest sense.  Unfettered by the need to think about potential clients googling ‘HelpGov’ to check me out before adding me to some far-too-long long shortlist for a contract, it threatens to be more polemical, prejudiced and maybe even wrong.

When it arrives, I hope every week (that’s called an aspiration not a target), enjoy and please comment.