Pious expression please.  Deep meaningful gaze.  And all hail ordinary hardworking families.

Why shouldn’t you?

After all politicians use this meaningless cliché all the time.  No point in citing chapter and verse.  Most of them are up to it, most of  the time.

Why do they have to use this drivel?

What do they mean by ‘families’?  Mum and dad plus an average 2.2 children?  No other variations, perhaps just slightly unconventional, allowed?

What’s wrong with people who are not in families at all?

What’s so good about being ‘ordinary’?  Why only ordinary families?  Aren’t most families extraordinary in one way or another?

Again, do hard workers only come in families?  No hardworking singles around?  Are all families, no sorry all ordinary families, hardworking?

This is no more than a lazy sort of sucking up to people who are not daft enough to fall for it.

I say to you…oops, no, that’s another cliché a high proportion of the political class insist on using.

Rant over.  For the time.