As I write this, the number of page views of the HelpGov blog in its current incarnation has just passed 20,000. A milestone of sorts, I guess, although any half-decent statistician will tell you that the number has no more significance than 19,738, 24,444 or even 2.

My thanks to everyone who’s dropped by over the last 22 months to check out my ramblings especially the public sector types (or increasingly as hard times have bitten, ex-public sector types) who were the mainstay of readers when I was attempting to provide consultancy services to your sadly diminished sector.  I hope you feel able to stick with me as my mind wanders into less-constrained spaces.

My thanks also to those of you who arrived via various search engines – OK, 90-something% of you via Google.  Some of you seemed genuinely interested in what I write, a surprising number of you searched for information about Post-it notes or wheelie bins, and someone thought I might have a 2010 map of New York City lurking somewhere in the 185 posts I’ve written so far.  Bless you all. I hope you found what you wanted, even if it’s not here.

To the spammers who’ve tried to insinuate all sorts of bizarre information into the comment space on the blog about male growth supplements (sic), carpet cleaning in San Antonio and young ladies in strange places desperate to meet me, nice try guys but don’t waste your energy.

And if you’ve got any energy left after reading this, here are the most popular places you’ve all visited on the blog so far.

Happy reading in future.

PS Don’t blame me if the links in the list above come out in different colours.  It’s a quirk of the WordPress template I use.