A while ago I blogged on Computers may rule but we still need people.

It was a short post responding to a statement by an IT whizz that

We are at a very interesting point in terms of the products we can make…Anything we can imagine we can build, we are no longer really limited by the technology

I listed some of the things that a supposed new computer might do including

strok[ing] the hand of an elderly dying woman in a council care home and assur[ing] her that her absent daughter loves her.

but what I was really saying was that these were some of the fantastic things our public sector staff do and a machine could never replace.

Today the wonderful world of the web brings me news of engineer-artist Dan Chen’s idea for an End Of Life Care Machine –

Watch it with grim horror.  I’m sure Dan’s making an ironic point about the care of the dying in society, but you never know…

Thanks to FastCompany for alerting me to this.