A couple of  weeks ago in Crail, Fife on a sunny Saturday afternoon.  The High Street is en fete as part of the excellent East Neuk Festival.

Just before the turn of the road north a large sand sculpture is being constructed by two professional sand sculptors.

A middle class, middle aged male, probably English, in a pink shirt is explaining some detail to a young teenage girl, one of two with him, his daughters presumably.

Ten/fifteen minutes later I am outside a fruit and veg shop that has made-up punnets of strawberries set up outside, £2 each.  The Englishman and daughters arrive.  One daughter selects a box of strawberries and starts adding more from other punnets to it, as well as removing one or two from the container she doesn’t like the look of.  Father looks on approvingly.  By the time she takes it inside to pay, the fruit is well above the level of the container’s rim and about a 1/3 – 1/2 greater in quantity than the remaining, now diminished containers.

For some reason, this small vignette reminds me of the recent LIBOR furore.