Oh dear.

For the first time in ages I checked my short ‘Other interesting blogs’ list (cast your eyes right on the Home page to see it).

If nothing else, it shows what an ephemeral and patchy place the blogosphere is

  • My favourite blog – known to all its friends as WLLG – has ceased, it is no more, it is a dead blog, much to the regret of its followers. But still worth having a look at the archive they’ve left up for some of the posts and discussion if you’re interested in the world of public service
  • One has disappeared completely
  • The other two haven’t had new posts since 2010 and 2011 respectively.

It all makes me look quite assiduous and productive by comparison (hollow laugh off-stage from partner).

So do I drop the list or update it?

I’m inclined to keep it going and have one or two ideas for what to add. But this is my plea for ideas from all HelpGov readers.

Bearing in mind that I’m ‘trying to make sense of government and public services, and other stuff’ what would you suggest goes on my blogroll?

Click ‘Leave a comment’ to help.  Thanks.