Somewhere along the way, I have morphed from ex-local government manager and consultant to rather mature Open University student and tyro creative writer. I decided to keep the HelpGov blog going on an intermittent basis as new issues about government and public service come to my attention and because, hey let’s not be modest, there’s some good stuff here already. What follows is an amended version of what this page originally said.

This blog belongs to Roger White and anything in it not copyrighted by others is © by me.  Feel free to quote as long as you attribute.

The site cover five main issues but like me they may evolve into something else over time:

  • what’s wrong with government and public services
  • what could be improved
  • how it could be improved
  • innovation
  • other random and (I hope) fun stuff.

General comments are always welcome and below is the place to make them.  Comments on specific posts can be made by clicking on the “Comment” button under each post title if you’re viewing the Home page or in the comment box if you’re viewing individual posts.

My former company HelpGov Ltd has been wound up but I’m keeping the name of the blog in  the meantime.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. pioneer513 Says:

    I have noticed while wandering over your pages – and wondering about your morphing – your efforts to highlight what doesn’t work.
    The “What’s wrong with Government and public services”, for example. I think your view is well argued and humourously presented on frequent occasions.
    i merely wondered what response you would receive if you asked the question: “What works well?” or “Has anyone got nay good ideas that nobody will take on board?” It might start a really powerful discussion (I’m missing Communities of Practice)
    Maybe someone will have an idea from their L.A. and it might give pause for thought.
    Might cause us to stop, look and listen?

  2. Roger White Says:

    pioneer513 – hi and thanks for the positive thought. I agree with you that in principle it is better to highlight what works and is good rather than what isn’t so good or doesn’t work. I may sometimes seem to be negative because I’m concentrating on the latter but if you take another view, that is where the potential for improvement lies. And that’s what I was interested in at work.

    The other challenge I face in all of this is that I am just about completely ‘morphed’ and as my up to date and detailed knowledge of the world of public sector work recedes, I am less able to comment authoritatively on it. As a simple example, I keep seeing references to something called ‘agile technology’ as a way to improve work processes but have no experience or knowledge of it at all. So my comments increasingly become that of ‘concerned citizen’ rather than ‘knowledgeable insider.’

    Still, I agree there is much that is positive and in my own wanderings I will try to see and comment on things through that perspective sometimes in future. An example I’m aware of is how many parts of the police have embraced Twitter and how effective they seem to be at using it, compared with the turgid tweets of many councils, the NHS and the civil service. There I go being negative again!

    Incidentally, I owe you a bigger thanks for all your comments on my efforts. They are much appreciated. Thank you.

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