Recorded by the BBC at the Farnborough Air Show, an exhibitor explains his company’s product

This is next generation of systems to provide kind of the high-end situation awareness for pilots.  It starts with the central computer right here which really has the computer capacity of a laptop but it’s really no bigger than a smart phone.  That system is fully integrated with the soldier worn display which is again a nice, if you look here is a very thin wear right on your wrist touch screen gives the person off the aircraft situational awareness kind of the bird ‘s eye view of where they are, where the target is, where the friendlies are and where the bad guys are.  The beauty of this is that we’re really leveraging off of existing commercial technology, making it applicable for military use.  So that soldiers when they go back into the field they don’t go back in time   They can operate with systems and solutions that they‘re very comfortable with in everyday use.  That’s the big deal about this.

So now you know.