Top 10s are usually made up of things people like – music, restaurants, movies, whatever.

Web searches are different.

People search for nasty stuff as well as good things (it doesn’t of course make them nasty people, that’s a different subject).

But at least Nos. 7 – 10 in my web search Top 10 were things, people or topics I could relate to positively.

The Eaga Showersmart – a FREE device sent to every household in the UK claiming to save energy when you shower – is different.

Some of the phrases people searched for to find out about the Showersmart suggest I’m not alone in feeling less than positive about this…thing.

unsolicited eaga showersmart

eaga showersmart unsolicited mailing, and

how does an eaga showersmart actually work?

I blogged three times about this pointless product – first under the title How not to save the planet at public expense, then The right way to save the planet (my proposal for an infinitely superior product called the Desprat BathDumb), then finally under the obscure heading Mythical things and iguanas (not obscure when you read it and coincidentally the only one of the posts featuring in this select Top 10 making a direct allusion to music – Dory Previn fans will know what I mean).

And now six months after Eaga made me cross with the dreaded Showersmart, and in a maybe prescient move, “giant building company” Carillion is bidding to take them over.  Good luck guys.

Tomorrow – into the top half of this particular chart countdown with a heart-warming tale of positive psychological reinforcement.

Water, water, everywhere,

Nor any drop to drink

– Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

For the first time I’m starting a blog post without knowing where it’s going.

When you read this I’ll be on a warm (I hope) Mediterranean island surrounded by water (salt) water, nor any drop to drink – at least from the sea.

I rashly promised several weeks ago to contribute to Blog Action Day 2010 whose theme this year is water.  You can read about it here.  As I write this 2,924 people in 120 countries have promised to blog about H2O today.  What are they going to write?  Profound worthy things?  Outraged concern at their fellow human beings deprived of the stuff?  Of the wars driven by it?  Of flooding and catastrophe?

Let’s just celebrate it briefly.  The cool, clean, clear life giving liquid it can be.

The beauty of it cascading down a waterfall.  The rainbow in the sky marking the supposed pot of gold.

How people have used and tamed it.

The dams that irrigate and provide sustainable power.

Our Victorian ancestors’ foresight in bringing clean water to our great cities like Glasgow, heroes like the engineer Sir Joseph Bazalgette building the sewers to take the dirty water away safely from London.  Eliminating cholera at almost a stroke.  Transforming the lives of ordinary people.   Amazing examples of municipal vision and enterprise.

A vision still to be delivered in so many parts of the world.

So get serious about this.  Sign the petition for an international water treaty to provide clean water everywhere.  Donate online to help.

And, perhaps more prosaically than the poet, let’s transform Coleridge’s couplet

Water, water, everywhere,

And all we need  to drink.